We are sad to inform you that GymnasticsTracks.com will no longer be providing original artist music to the gymnastics community.

A year ago we set out to change the gymnastics floor music landscape by giving gymnasts the freedom to perform and compete to high quality original artist music.  The reaction to our offerings was incredible as we processed hundreds of orders each month. Clearly there was a need for what we had to offer and we were thrilled to be able to provide that for gymnasts looking for high quality original artist floor music. Unfortunately this has now come to an end. The technology used that allowed us to legally operate ensured that the artists were paid their proper royalties. This technology has been acquired and the only vendor available for this service has now been dissolved.

We are very disappointed by this news because we were excited to see how the gymnastics floor music industry would change with our presence. We want to thank all of our customers for a fantastic year and we wish all of our gymnasts the best of luck in your future. As for us, we will survive. This website was purely a labor of love and not our livelihood. It was never about making money. It was about advancing an ancient system into the future to provide better options for our gymnasts.

We will continue to be part of the gymnastics community and are available to offer advice on the technical aspects of creating gymnastics floor music. Feel free to contact us at info@gymnasticstracks.com.

Until next time, GymnasticsTracks.com Staff