Aly Raisman Gymnastics

Last winter I had some down time to sit and read Aly Raisman’s book “Fierce” and I loved it!  Aly laid it all out there for her fans and I am glad that she shared her story so openly. Aly Raisman started appearing on the radar as a contender for the 2012 Olympic team as an underdog.  She was a fantastic gymnast but wasn’t the best in the nation or the world leading up to the Olympics. I was very happy to see her make the team because she was one of my favorites. She really peaked at the perfect time and showed the world that she was no longer the underdog once at the Olympics.  She emerged as the team leader and helped the US Women’s Gymnastics team win Gold as the anchor on the floor exercise and it was such a magical moment watching her seal the deal. Another amazing moment from those games was when Aly performed her stellar routine at the Floor Exercise Individual Final and brought home another Gold medal.

You can clearly see in Aly’s book that it wasn’t easy for her to reach her goal.  She had a lot of challenges and pushed through and is a true fighter. I really love how Aly talks about many different aspects to being an elite athlete and the sacrifices you go through to achieve your dreams.  She even brings up the fact that a lot of moments when she was feeling tired or was having issues with aches and pains was resulted from her diet. She details what she did to help her get back into competition ready shape for her comeback leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games.  What a comeback it was. Aly came back better than ever and led the team to another Gold medal. She also impressed in the All-Around competition bringing home the silver medal after just missing the podium at the 2012 games. It was fun watching her again.


I think Aly Raisman is a great role model for young girls and I recommend this book whether you are a gymnast or just a fan of Aly. Aly is a big advocate for self care which is something we all need more of in our lives.  It is important to work hard, but you also need to make time to pamper yourself a little bit and enjoy life.


Thank you Aly for sharing your story! Check it out!


Christina Tardy Gymnastics Coach

Christina Tardy