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What are the USA Gymnastics, AAU, and High School gymnastics music requirements?

We often get this question and we understand why. To understand the requirements, you have to know how the organization programs are structured and where your gymnasts fits into these programs. I will take some time here to explain how gymnastics music length ties into the different levels and programs the different organizations provide. It is likely your gymnast is part of a program that places them into different levels. The most prominent organizations in the United States are USA Gymnastics, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

The main difference between USAG and the AAU organizations is in their mission. USA gymnastics mission is to train and a select U.S. teams to compete in the Olympics and World Championships. The AAU provides programs dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness.

Generally speaking, if your gymnast is part of an AAU program, you are operating on rules derived from the USA Gymnastics rules and regulations.

The AAU has stated the following:

AAU will follow USAG rules and updates unless specifically stated otherwise in the handbook.

There are two sets of programs outlined by the USA Gymnastics organization. They are Junior Olympic (JO), and Xcel. The JO programs are identified as levels 1-10 and the Xcel programs are identified  as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The music length requirements are identified below for each of the program levels described.

Junior Olympic (JO) Levels

  • Level 1-3
  • These levels are non-competitive and have no music requirements.
  • Level 4-5
  • These levels are compulsory. Gymnasts at this level are not able to select their own music.
  • Level 6
  • Between 1:05 (one minute five sec.) and 1:15 (one minute fifteen seconds)
  • Level 7-10
  • Max 1:30 (one minute thirty sec.)

Xcel Level Music Requirements

  • Bronze Division
  • Max :45 (fourty five sec.)
  • Silver Division
  • Max 1:00 (one minute)
  • Gold Division
  • Max 1:00 (one minute)
  • Platinum Division
  • Max 1:30 (one minute thirty seconds)
  • Diamond Division
  • Max 1:30 (one minute thirty seconds)

High School Level Requirements

The NFHS states that gymnastics floor music shall not exceed 1:30 (one minute thirty seconds). You want your music to be a minimum of :30 (thirty seconds) otherwise you will receive a (2.0) deduction from your score.

For more information on high school gymnastics rules, download the NFHS manual below.

We suggest in any circumstance that when it comes to ordering the correct length of your gymnastics music for your gymnast, it is always best practice to get verification from your coach and/or choreographer. They will be aware of any special rules or requirements that may affect the selection of your gymnastics floor music.


Christina Tardy Gymnastics Coach

Christina Tardy