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This is a documentary that I think every gymnast can relate to in some way. Shawn Johnson opens up about her experience after taking home the silver medal in the 2008 Olympic All-Around event. This is a much watch!

I am really happy that Shawn put her experiences out there because I feel like it can really help other gymnasts that have gone through similar experiences and how to overcome the disappointment that can come with being an athlete. Thank you Shawn for opening up to the gymnastics world. Shawn was the best gymnast in the World.  She was the World Champion in 2007 and won many competitions.  She was the favorite to win the All-Around at the Beijing Olympic Games.  Shawn had an incredible meet and so did Nastia Liukin.  In the end, Nastia ended up beating Shawn in the All-Around event.  Shawn came away with the silver medal which is amazing!  It is sad that so many people were giving her grief about getting silver instead of gold.  She did her best and still achieved a high honor at the Olympics.

Shawn did get her redemption in the Balance Beam Final where she finally won her gold medal.  That was an exciting comeback moment.  Shawn is still one of my favorite gymnasts of all time.  She is tiny and powerful and is always smiling.  She should be very proud of what she did as an Elite gymnast.  She was the best in the world and I think this documentary shows that getting second place shouldn’t be such a disappointment.  Doing your best is what matters and if you get to go home with a medal, no matter what color it is, that is pretty amazing! Thank you Shawn for sharing this story and helping other gymnasts and athletes out there with their own struggles.


Christina Tardy Gymnastics Coach

Christina Tardy