Laurie Hernandez Gymnastics

Laurie Hernandez is one of my favorite gymnasts of all time.  Her sassy and vibrant personality jumps out of the TV when you are watching her.  I was excited to read her book and find out more about her story.

I love Laurie’s book!  She brings a young, bubbly perspective to the process of becoming an olympic athlete.  It is very clear that Laurie was not an underdog. She had a much faster rise to fame and peaked right before the Olympic Games.  Timing is everything. I didn’t really know much about Laurie prior to Summer of 2016 so it was nice to find out what she went through to get to her level of gymnastics. Laurie did not start competing with the Senior Elites until 2016.  She did not have as much experience as some of the other Senior Elites but that didn’t stop her.

Laurie shines brightest on the Floor Exercise event.  She proves that it is not just about tumbling. Dance is so important in a gymnastics routine and she shows it better than anyone I have ever seen.  I love watching her perform on floor. She has received the nickname “The Human Emoji” and you can clearly see why. Laurie has has so much attitude and makes sure to show off every move in her routine.  Check out her amazing floor routine!!

Performances like this one helped the US Women’s Gymnastics team win the Gold medal and it also landed her a spot on the show “Dancing With The Stars”.  How cool! I love that Laurie talks a lot about the exciting things that happened following the Olympics. Her perspective is fun to read!

You also should follow Laurie Hernandez on Instagram.  She always brightens my day! Check out Laurie’s book and did you know that she also has a children’s book?  This girl is awesome!

Laurie also announced that she was back in the gym training for a comeback!  I can’t wait to see her in competition again. She is so fun to watch.


Christina Tardy Gymnastics Coach

Christina Tardy