Gymnastics Floor Music Dancer

Over the years I have choreographed many floor routines to many different types of music styles for students with a wide range of dance abilities. The first ingredient to a great gymnastics floor routine is the music.  The music is going to determine what style you are looking to portray in your performance. A gymnast should always choose a music track that is going to fit their personality and style.

“Proper music plays a major part in a successful floor routine and high scores from the judges”

The goal in Floor Exercise is to combine tumbling and dance elements blended together with artistry. That is the job of the choreographer and without the proper music it would be impossible to accomplish.  Once I have the music for a floor routine, I listen to it repeatedly to help gather my ideas. Once I have a solid start I begin showing the gymnast the choreography.

We generally practice it several times during which I  offer them constructive positive tips on how to execute the moves properly.  Once the routine is complete I explain to the student that they don’t have to do the routine exactly how I show them and encourage them to make their routine their own and give it their own twist. This is important to give the student some ownership of the floor routine so that they will perform it with as much passion as possible. When you put it all together in the end you will find you have one great floor routine that you, the audience, and most importantly the judges will enjoy.


Christina Tardy Gymnastics Coach

Christina Tardy