When GymnasticsTracks.com started making music for gymnastics floor routines in 2012, we set out to change the gymnastics floor music landscape by offering new and exciting music online which included remixes of original artists music. The Internet has created a diverse platform allowing for many revenue generating business models to be pioneered. As a result, it has also created uncharted legal situations specifically regarding artist and record company rights with regards to remixes and resale of new music derived from samples or other copyrighted materials.

GymnasticsTracks.com has always operated legally in the remix marketplace. Unfortunately the third party vendor used which created the technology to operate legally in this space was operating under unsettled legal positions and was challenged by cheer leading competition organizers. This ultimately resulted in the service being banned from use in competition.

This ban and the loss of the cheer leading marketplace forced their venture capitalists to back out and liquidated the company. Once this happened, GymnasticsTracks.com stepped away from the marketplace to re-calibrate our business model and offerings. We have now returned with our service offerings of original music for sale online and are happy to once again be working with our gymnasts and coaches to publish new and exciting gymnastics floor music that we own 100% and produce in our own studio.